The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” has introduced interesting characters to the fandom. This includes the powerful fighters from Universe 11 who are also Pride Troopers. These bands of space police are responsible for securing the safety and peace of Universe 11. Their team leader named Toppo heads them in their missions and assignments.

In Episode 125 until 126, the powerful team leader embraced the power of Hakai to be able to defend his universe from total destruction.

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His battle with the Prince of All Saiyans from Universe 7 is one of the most unforgettable scenes in the series. Interestingly, the team behind the anime series has officially released the names of Toppo and Vegeta’s most recent forms, which has previously caused many speculations from the fans.

Official names

On the official site of “Dragon Ball Super” Director Ryota Nakamura and Universal Survival Arc Producer Satoru Takami gave their insights about the series. These top guys responsible for the success of the anime series confirmed that Vegeta’s new power-up [VIDEO] last seen when he fought and eliminated Toppo of Universe 11 is called Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution (超サイヤ人ゴッド超サイヤ人・進化).

This is the same name that was first mentioned in our report that we first saw in “Dragon Ball Heroes.” On the other hand, the power-up of Toppo that changed the skies of the World of the Void is called "Toppo God of Destruction Mode" (トッポ 破壊神モード). The same name was also mentioned first in “Dragon Ball Heroes.” Thanks to Herms and Ken Xyro, their translations have always been helpful in bringing the latest spoilers and news to the massive fandom of the anime series.

Other spoilers

Aside from the interview given by the director and producer of the anime series, there are an exciting set of spoilers that was recently released on the Internet. This includes the shocking reappearance [VIDEO] of the supervillain from hell Frieza in the final episode of the series. If the spoilers are to be believed, it appears that Frieza will bring Universe 7 to victory. This is contrary to the general expectations from fans that Son Goku’s Mastered Ultra-Instinct form will help him defeat the overpowered Pride Trooper and save his universe from total annihilation.

Episode 130 of “Dragon Ball Super” is set to officially air on March 18. This weekend, the anime series will go on a hiatus and will resume the week after. Episode 130 is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown, The Ultimate Survival Battle.” It will showcase the epic battle of Son Goku in his Mastered Ultra-Instinct form against the overpowered Jiren the Gray.