On March 18, fans will witness the penultimate episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” This will feature the showdown of the two most powerful fighters in the multiverse as they vie for the protection of their respective universes. It was a general knowledge of the fandom that their favorite anime series will end come March 25. However, earlier today new details about the next arc following Universe Survival Arc flood the online world. The news becomes more interesting when the juicy details came from none other than the creator himself—Akira Toriyama.

Next arc

Last month, Toei Animation had confirmed that “Dragon Ball Super” will continue airing until Episode 131.

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The studio has not disclosed if it is going to air a new arc or if the series will finally end. The only certain about the announcement was that the Tournament of Power is going to end along with the Universe Survival Arc.

Things appear to sound different when the official website of the 20th movie of the franchise went live. Along with the first promotional visual for the upcoming film are the details revealed by Toei Animation, and Akira Toriyama.

Toriyama’s statement sent ripples across the global fandom when he revealed the details of the next arc that will succeed the Universe Survival Arc. His latest statement about the upcoming movie was translated by the ever-reliable anime blogger Ken Xyro and uploaded on Twitter [VIDEO]. According to Toriyama san, the upcoming movie will be the next story that will take place after the anime that is currently airing on TV. The legendary creator further reveals that the arc will shed some light on some of the unexplored topics in the anime. This includes Frieza and the Saiyans.

Other details

Toei Animation further confirms Toriyama’s statement.

The studio notes that the upcoming movie will be the next episodes or arc of the current animated series. Instead of being a prequel, or a spin-off, the upcoming film will take place following the world of “DBS.” Manga creator Toyatoro also shares the same statement and tweets [VIDEO] the same details of the upcoming film.

The movie

While fans are waiting for Episodes 130 and 131 of the anime series, a new visual is recently released. It shows Son Goku wearing his Kame attire holding his Power Pole. It appears that he is in his regular form with black hair and no aura surrounding his entire physique. The upcoming movie is set to release in the theaters in Japan on December 14, 2018. For now, it has a provisional title, “Dragon Ball Super.”