The official website of the Dragon Ball franchise launched a promotional image and revealed that the Movie will be premiered in December of this year. Details of this new production are well being kept by Toei Animation [VIDEO], the new information indicates that the 20th movie of the series will be titled simply, "Dragon Ball Super," complemented by a promotional image showing the protagonist Goku at a rather young age, still having his power pole, the key element of the first era of the series, where the characters were not adults, and more flexible fantasy and magic elements were used, unlike the last Arcs of the series, where the element of action in battles was more emphasized, with less fantasy.

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The text at the bottom of the revealed image reads, “Super, the movie version starts,” to what we can guess, as previously stated, will be a prequel of the central story of the series, where the origin of the Saiyan race will be explained.

Besides, it was confirmed that Akira Toriyama [VIDEO], the original creator of the series, will be in charge of the script as well as character design, so the quality of this movie is more than guaranteed. In the promotional image we can see that Goku’s design is slightly different than what we saw before, a little bit simpler, with rounded edges, and as mentioned above, with very youthful features

We just have to wait until December 14 to enjoy this excellent movie in cinemas, but not without first enjoying the final battle in episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" which will be aired this weekend.

Preview of episode 130

This final episode predicts an epic battle between Goku, in his final battle mode, and Jiren, from Universe 11, who still had stored strength, but apparently, Universe 7 will be the one that prevails in the universal Tournament of Power.

The fate of the animated series is truly uncertain since besides this movie there is no more information about a possible continuation of weekly episodes. "Dragon Ball Super" has been going on since 2015, which will leave a huge gap in Japanese television and for all the viewers around the world that followed the show week by week. However, it is very likely that Toei Animation will only take a break until 2019, and after the premiere of the movie, we might have concrete news about the future of "Dragon Ball" and the Z warriors, who will certainly have new adventures to face.

So far this has been the latest news referring to the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we'll be communicating as soon as possible.