The most recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” gives fans the biggest surprise that almost no one anticipated. Aside from the much-awaited showdown between Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray, there are many explosive revelations that Toei Animation unveiled. This includes the resurfacing of the supervillain from hell — Frieza. However, most fans are caught off guard when the fan-favorite Android from Beerus’ team resurfaces. It turns out that there are a lot of things that the team behind the most successful anime series has in store for the fandom. Interestingly, there is something in the latest preview of Episode 131 that fans might have failed to see.


Latest teaser

The final episode preview of “Dragon Ball Super” is recently released online. The brief 33-second preview has fans talking and speculating. It reveals the 3 vs. 1 battle between Universe 7’s Frieza, Android 17, and Son Goku against Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray. Interestingly, at the 20-second mark, a familiar image is shown. In one shot, the Omni-Kings are shown in the foreground. In the next shot, the Grand Priest Daishinkan is presented. In both scenes, there is a gold thing moving in the background.

This appears to be the counterpart of Shenron in the currently airing anime series.

This scene only implies that the MVP of the Tournament of Power has already been announced. It also means that the fate of the two remaining universes, with low mortal levels, has already been decided. As to what the wish of the MVP could be, it is hard to make an assumption at this moment. However, in the episode preview, one can infer, from the reactions of the Kais from Universe 7, that the wish is something peculiar and unexpected.


Other details

Meanwhile, seeing Android 17 again in the arena with Frieza, in the final minute of the Tournament of Power, might just knock the fans off their seats. It might be recalled that in one of the previous episodes, Android 17 tried to give all his energy to shield Son Goku and Vegeta from the fierce attack coming from Jiren the Gray. Almost everyone expected that he had self-destructed and was already out in the tournament. With three fighters from Universe 7 in the arena of the World of the Void, will Jiren the Gray be able to defeat all of them at the nick of time?

Meanwhile, Episode 131 of “Dragon Ball Super” is set to officially air on March 25.

It will also mark the end of Tournament of Power and might set precedence to the upcoming movie that will air in cinemas in Japan on December 14, 2018.