Mastered Ultra Instinct is deemed to be the most powerful form of the Gods of Destruction. When Goku achieved this, all Gods of Destruction were amazed, and even the Grand Priest saw this as one heck of a development. But even though Goku has reached this form, he is still not going to beat Jiren. The Pride Trooper will even knock him out of the stage, making Frieza the bearer of victory (or the last one to get eliminated). Fans are disappointed to see Goku failed to snag a single major victory in the whole Tournament of Power.


But what if there's a greater height that he is fated to achieve before truly defeating Jiren?

Forms beyond Mastered Ultra Instinct

The Mastered Ultra Instinct is not a common form of mortals and GoDs, but it is common to all the angels. If "Dragon Ball Super" is to make future arcs, it is more likely that the anime will focus on the Angels' strength. Mastering the Ultra Instinct makes Goku stand in front of that's power, making him the first mortal to do so. After showing a lot of potential strength, it is possible that Whis will train him for a more complex transformation.

A transformation that only the angels achieved so far. And that would be the new transformation that Goku will use against the new villain of the new arc. Goku will be in the league of Angels after that.

"Dragon Ball Super"s first movie is said to have a new villain that will be related to Frieza and the remaining Saiyans of Universe 7. When there's Frieza in the saga, there will always be one pissed-off Vegeta, a new delicacy for Beerus and Whis, and a new form for Goku. Because breaking his limit is his hobby, Goku might actually be trained by Whis to reach the full potential of Mastered Ultra Instinct finally.


What's beyond Ultra Instinct is still not known to anyone, and it is likely unknown for Beerus and the other Gods also. Even though Gods of Destructions are powerful, the Angels are still more powerful than them. If they have formed under their sleeves, it is more likely that only the Grand Priest and the Angels knows it.

What will happen to Vegeta?

It is hinted that Vegeta will finally branch out from Goku's path and make his own way of being stronger. That being said, instead of training to achieve Ultra Instinct, Vegeta might take on the traditional Super Saiyan forms, mastering the Super Saiyan Blue.

He would keep up with Goku by discovering new powers from mastering every Super Saiyan forms that he would discover.