The hit anime series “Dragon Ball Super” is set to come to an end this March. Son Goku and Jiren are about to have their final fight on March 18. In the story of the anime version, the Tournament of Power is about to end. But in the manga version, the inter-galactic tournament is just about to start.

Gohan’s super ‘Dragon Ball Z’ throwback

In the upcoming Tournament of Power in the manga version, Son Gohan is going to wear his Namekian gi, similar to what he wore during the Cell Games. If we can recall, Gohan asked Piccolo if he can wear the same outfit as the Namekian. Piccolo happily obliged and he commented that Gohan looks more like a fighter wearing the Namkeian uniform rather than Saiyan armor.


Unlike in the anime version where he is wearing the same uniform as his father Son Goku, Gohan looks stronger in the manga.

So, would there be a game-changing effect in Gohan’s change of outfit in the manga version of Tournament of Power? It cannot be answered this moment as Toyotaro, the artist behind the manga is busy making changes about the way his Tournament of Power will unfold.

Will Gohan get a power-up in the manga?

Son Gohan’s only known power-up was during Buu Saga, wherein he became Mystic Gohan. He can increase his power level stronger than Super Saiyan 2 without undergoing any kind of physical transformation in the process. In both manga and anime versions, Gohan has never been shown fighting other than his brief moments in the Tournament of Power.


It is very interesting to see Gohan achieve a new level of power in the manga. As Vegeta has always said to Son Goku, Gohan possesses more potential compared to the two of them. If Vegeta got a new power level for his Super Saiyan Blue, and Goku got his mastered Ultra Instinct, it would be very nice if Gohan unlocks another power level in this competition.

Differences between anime and manga

The difference between the manga and the anime versions of “Dragon Ball Super” are only minimal. The storylines between the two versions are also quite similar from one another. For instance, it can be noted that during Zamasu Saga in the manga version, Vegeta can switch from Super Saiyan God (Red) to Super Saiyan Blue mode to conserve his energy.


He cannot do that in the anime version. Another notable difference is that the Gods of Destruction fought one another in an exhibition match in front of the two Zen-Os; something that did not happen in the anime version.

Whatever the case may be, we can expect a lot of shocking and exciting developments in the manga as the Universe Survival Saga begins.