"Dragon Ball Super" has almost reached its end. With each passing day, the show is getting closer to its end. As most of the fans would already know that the anime has only two chapters left, 130 and 131. It is worth mentioning that this weekend no episode was released by the makers due to the Marathon in Japan. Though a lot of time is left for the release of the upcoming two chapters, spoilers, and rumors have already started hovering on social media. Notably, a number of prominent reports have suggested the way the show will end on March 25.

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'DBS [VIDEO]' was started in 2015. It is the first "Dragon Ball" television series featuring a new storyline in 18 years.

The upcoming episode

The next episode, 130 of the "Dragon Ball Super" will release on March 18.

It is named as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!" Judging the title of the chapter, one can easily say what to expect from it. It is perhaps the most anticipated episodes of the anime show as it will feature Goku mastering Ultra Instinct against Jiren.

According to Omnitos, the spoiler says" Surrounded by a red aura, Jiren dashes fiercely and fires a ki blast at Goku at point-blank range. Goku [VIDEO] gets totally blown away, from the spectator seats, Kuririn and the Turtle Hermit are worried, but…" It clearly suggests how intense the battle is going to be between Universe 7 and Universe 11 warriors.

Meanwhile, a picture surfaced on Facebook recently. It is said to be leaked image from "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131, where Frieza returns shockingly. One can see that Frieza is kicking Jiren on the back of his head and it looks like Jiren is really suffering.

Readers are advised that we do not confirm that this image is from "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131. However, as the reports already confirmed that Frieza will return in Episode 131 and beat Jiren, the image could turn out to be true also.

Other reports from Comicbook regarding Episode 131 suggest that Goku’s ring-out will not be the end, the powers he secured for his Perfect Ultra Instinct transformation will push him to continue the fight with Jiren. But, before it could get there, Frieza will make a heroic entry and will continue the battle. Reports also hint that It is Frieza who will win the championship, defeating Jiren. The last chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled as “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!.” Stay tuned for more updates.