The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is finally down to its last two episodes. Fans are currently speculating on the final result of the hotly contested tournament. With the latest twist in the plot of the successful anime series, fans are torn on which Universe will emerge victorious in the end.

Based on the spoilers, only Universe 11 headed by Belmod and Universe 7 led by Beerus are surviving in the tournament. Interestingly, a new leaked image surfaced on the Internet recently.

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The photo hints the order in which the supervillain resurfaces in the competition.

Latest Leak

On the social networking site, Twitter, popular anime content creator under the name Yonkou Productions shared the latest leaked photo of Episode 131 of “Dragon Ball Super.” The new image is one great revelation that counters the recent set of spoilers known to the fandom.

Several days ago, fans have learned that the almost forgotten fighter from Universe 7 [VIDEO] is still alive. Other spoilers unveil that Son Goku will fall short of his power and will fall from the stage. It appears that Universe 11 is almost assured of their sweet victory. However, it was revealed that a Death Beam would hit Jiren the Gray from behind. Fans already know that Frieza will resurface.

However, the latest leaked image shows that Frieza reemerges in the arena of the World of the Void before Son Goku fell. In the picture that you can check out below, the two fighters from Universe 7 are seen together. This only proves that before that fated fall from the fan-favorite Saiyan, Frieza is already there. Does the latest picture imply that Son Goku did not really fall from the stage [VIDEO]? At this point, it is hard to draw a conclusion based on the picture alone.

Upcoming movie

Meanwhile, fans are already hyped up for the upcoming film based on the currently airing anime series. A new set of details were revealed a few days earlier that gives away some information about the much-awaited movie. According to the movie’s official website, the film will follow the story of the current anime franchise.

Toei Animation also said that it will be the next arc following the Universe Survival Arc. This information was further confirmed by the legendary creator of the successful franchise Akira Toriyama. The upcoming film is titled “Dragon Ball Super” and is scheduled to air in Japan on December 14, 2018. The current series will air Episode 131 on March 25, 2018.