A new set of spoilers for the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” just revealed how overpowered Jiren the Gray is. One of the most interesting characters that was introduced at the start of the Tournament of Power was Jiren the Gray of Universe 11. Until now, fans are still wondering about the weakness of the strongest Pride Trooper and the limits of his power. In the previous episode preview, Son Goku confirmed that Jiren is the toughest opponent he has ever faced. Interestingly, there is more to Jiren that fans will need to see in the last two episodes of the popular anime series.


The overpowered warrior

The “Dragon Ball Super” community has countless speculations and theories about Jiren the Gray. Some fans believe that he is stronger than the Gods of Destruction. Several others believe that his power is close to the power levels of the Angels of Destruction. Previous details from “Dragon Ball Heroes” game cards state that Jiren the Gray’s power level is 9000 -- just a little bit higher than Son Goku’s (unmastered) Ultra-Instinct form. However, the latest spoilers for Episode 131 of the popular anime series recently revealed something else.

On Twitter, anime content creator and translator Herms shared the latest translations for Episodes 130 and 131. The spoilers state that Son Goku in his mastered Ultra-Instinct form, initially, has the upper hand against his opponent. However, Jiren the Gray finally gets serious and unleashes his real power. It further reveals that Jiren will fire a Ki Blast point-blank at the fan-favorite Saiyan. The next set of spoilers for Episode 131 says that Son Goku will fall from the arena.

From the spoilers, one can deduce that Son Goku’s mastered Ultra-Instinct form is not enough to kick Jiren the Gray out of the arena.


Some fans who have read the spoilers believe that the team behind the anime series made them feel like Goku’s new powerful form is useless since it did not help him defeat the strongest Pride Trooper. Several others say that Toei Animation has made Jiren extremely overpowered and that he could be a threat to the Gods of Destruction.

Other details

It is possible that Jiren the Gray’s real power could be more powerful than Son Goku’s mastered Ultra-Instinct form. However, the latest “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers do not say that it was Jiren’s attack that caused Son Goku’s fall from the stage.

It does not state that he was knocked out because of Jiren’s Ki Blast. Most likely, the two fighters ran out of stage because of the massive power surge produced by their clash.