The most recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” did not disappoint. On Sunday, Toei Animation officially aired Episode 129 of the popular anime series. This episode is one of the most anticipated airings, because it features the showdown between two of the most powerful fighters in the multiverse. Son Goku is shown perfecting the Ultra-Instinct. However, despite the unbelievable power unleashed by the fan-favorite Saiyan, Jiren the Gray of Universe 11 is unshaken. In fact, in the most recent episode, the strongest Pride Trooper is shown sporting a daring smile as soon as he saw Son Goku perfecting the godly form.

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Ultimate form

In Episode 129 of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans witnessed Son Goku perfecting the Ultra-Instinct form. He was sporting a silver that matched the color of his eyes.

In addition, his entire body is covered with a sparkling silver aura. However, while many admired the fan-favorite Saiyan for achieving such feat, Jiren the Gray of Universe 11 was never shaken. In fact, it appears that it inspires him to unleash more of his power as he sees his opponent unravel a powerful form [VIDEO]. In the most recent episode preview, Jiren is shown shirtless with veins bulging all over his body. Before Episode 129 finally ends, the strongest Pride Trooper is featured, who witnesses Son Goku master the Ultra-Instinct Omen. Instead of getting discouraged, Jiren the Gray can be heard saying that it is time for him to unleash his real power.

Battle of the fighters stronger than gods

The gods of destruction from various universes are shown standing as Son Goku unleashes his ultimate form in the Tournament of Power.

It is worth noting that some of the powerful gods of destruction are not yet able to perfect Ultra-Instinct Omen. It is but understandable that they pay respect [VIDEO] to the fan-favorite Saiyan as he masters the godly form. Son Goku mastering this powerful form is synonymous in saying that he was able to surpass the level of some of the gods of destruction. Jiren is believed to be an overpowered fighter who has long surpassed the levels of the gods of destruction. In Episode 130, fans are already anticipating that the strongest Pride Trooper will reveal his ultimate form. This form is believed to be more powerful than that of the gods. The question for the entire fandom right now is: Who will be the final survivor in the Tournament of Power?

With Son Goku perfecting the godly form and Jiren the Gray finally showing his true and ultimate power, the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is going to be epic. Episode 130 is titled, “The Greatest Showdown of All Time, The Ultimate Survival Battle.“ It is scheduled to officially air on March 18.