It has been a pleasure to bring "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers to fans of the popular series. Before starting to talk about what we bring to you this time, we must warn you that perhaps you'll find some spoilers in this article relating to Episode 130. If you don’t mind this, keep reading,

This time we’ll tell you a little about the great Jiren and how his power has been throughout his appearance in the series. As is already known, "Dragon Ball Super" is about to end, in fact, there are only two episodes left before the Tournament of Power ends as well as the series for the rest of this year.

Ultra Instinct and more

Without a doubt, one of the greatest predictions seen in many theories generated throughout the series since the Tournament of Power began has become a reality.


This boils down to a final battle, with Goku and Jiren facing each other to see who the winner is in order to save their universe and make a wish to the Super Dragon Balls.

Another prediction that became a reality has been the perfection of the Ultra Instinct by Goku. Before this, the Saiyan warrior couldn't defeat Jiren even though he was in the Ultra Instinct's Omen mode. And although he could have given the warrior of Universe 11 a little bit of a good fight, this alien was not fighting with 100% of his power. Even though all the characters of the series made us think that Jiren was in his strongest state, it didn't turn out that way.

Jiren surpassing his power limits

Despite all of this we’ve said about this warrior of justice, just now it’s possible to observe him beyond his limits of power.


He’s surpassing his limits because he just realized that Goku has been the only warrior that has taken him beyond his powers in a truly fantastic way after each battle. This is why sometimes we’ve seen Jiren in some sort of meditation state when he was actually mentally training to become more powerful. It's something very similar to what Naruto does before he can reach the Wise mode.

As can be seen in the synopsis and preview of the next episode, Jiren and Goku will finally be giving their best to be able to fight the final battle. So now it's all about a real fight for survival.

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