The fandom is currently talking about the latest set of spoilers for the two remaining episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” After Episode 129, fans are left with only two episodes while the Tournament of Power has only a minute and a half remaining until it officially closes. While there is a varying reaction from the fandom about the unexpected turn out of events in the ultimate episode of the anime series, the latest set of spoilers appear to have already given away the concept for the next installment of the anime series.


Spoilers and their implications

Several days ago, popular content creator and translator Herms shared on his official Twitter account a new set of spoilers for “Dragon Ball Super.” The spoilers turned out to be a surprising set of information giving away several details about how the successful anime series will end on March 25. According to Herm’s translation, the ultimate episode is titled “The Miraculous Conclusion, Farewell Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again.” On the other hand, the penultimate episode scheduled to officially air on March 18 is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown, The Ultimate Survival Battle.” The popular anime content creator also shared the synopsis of both episodes.

Many fans point out that the title of the last episode of the anime is similar to that of the final episode title of “Dragon Ball GT.” What surprised most fans is that in the translated synopsis, it was revealed that Son Goku falls from the stage. This means that Universe 7 will be erased as a consequence of having all of their fighters eliminated in the Tournament of Power. It was also revealed in the spoilers that Jiren the Gray powered up and fire a point-blank attack on Son Goku who is in his Mastered Ultra-Instinct form.


The next series

While many fans are expecting that Son Goku in his Mastered Ultra-Instinct form will beat the overpowered fighter from Universe 11, it appears that this is not going to be the case. Several fans note that making Son Goku lose to Jiren despite his unbelievable power is a good thing for the future of the series. It only means that Mastered Ultra-Instinct is not the only way to surpass the gods making Jiren as one good example of it. With this ending, it is highly likely that the team behind the popular series can create a new set of villains in the next series.

These enemies could be a threat to the gods of destruction or the angels of destruction; the possibilities are wide and long.

Aside from that, Ultra-Instinct is presented as a technique so there is a great possibility that even Z warriors like Gohan, Piccolo, Kurilin, Tein, and Vegeta will also be able to achieve this. All Toei Animation have to do in the next series is to create an ancient and unknown enemy and threaten the multiverse. Meanwhile, “Dragon Ball Super” will go on a hiatus this weekend and will resume its regular programming schedule on March 18.