Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" did not disappoint. The fandom is still talking about the epic episode that never ran short of surprises. While the fans are already hyped about the much-awaited showdown between two of the most powerful fighters, the team behind the franchise has something more to offer. Android 17's unanticipated comeback rocked the fandom. Freeza saving the fan-favorite Saiyan is another shocker. In the most recent episode, it appears that Son Goku performed a mind-blowing technique that most viewers were not able to notice.


Hidden technique

The team behind "Dragon Ball Super" was right about hyping up Episode 130. The penultimate episode has so many interesting details that were not anticipated by the fandom. This includes Son Goku's mind-blowing technique that many fans were not able to notice. On Imgur, one fan pointed out that in the heat of the battle between Son Goku and Jiren the Gray, the fan-favorite Saiyan did something unexpected. While the strongest Pride Trooper was firing his fierce and powerful Ki Blasts, Son Goku was using small kamehamehas to slide through the attacks.

It is possible that this is the Saiyan's way to evade the attack. Most likely, he also did this in order so he does not break one of the rules in the Tournament of Power. The Saiyan's small kamehamehas are quite tricky and could only be noticed by playing the video in slow-motion.

Other details

Aside from the small kamehamehas, another interesting detail from the latest episode is Frieza's act of saving Son Goku, once again. It can be recalled in Episode 111, Frieza saved the fan-favorite Saiyan by giving him some of his energy.


In the most recent episode, Jiren attacked Son Goku and sent him flying off the ring. However, a single beam saved him from eventually falling off the arena. The attack landed him in some of the rubble of the stage in the World of the Void. It seems that the supervillain from hell has a change of heart. It is also highly likely that Frieza needs to do this in order to fulfill his plan. It is safe to say that it is a part of his strategy knowing that he alone cannot defeat Jiren the Gray.

Meanwhile, Episode 131 is slated to officially air on March 25.

It is the ultimate episode that will mark the end of the Tournament of Power in the Universe Survival Arc. Episode 131 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled "Miraculous Ending, Farewell Goku, Until The Day We Meet Again."