"Dragon Ball Super" is in the final phase of the season with the closure of the Universe Survival Tournament Saga. This series will take a break of about one year. Episode 129 showed that Goku is the one that Saiyan God Beerus was talking about in his dreams, at the beginning of the series.

Goku masters Ultra Instinct

Goku’s ultra instinct is the “Migatte no Gokui” in all its glory, that's what Beerus would say -- the God of Destruction from Universe 7 who admires Goku so much, and even more now with this new transformation accomplished. Goku has every chance of winning against Jiren from Universe 11; having now the attention of all Gods of Destructions from the different universes.

The angel Whiss confirms this, that Goku has managed to achieve the perfection of the Ultra Instinct, and his strength now equals that of a God of Destruction or perhaps more.


Jiren, for the other side, also showed great power by launching an attack that could have eliminated Goku, however, he completed his transformation with silver eyes and hair, showing the Ultra Instinct form mastered.

A unique ending to the Tournament of Power saga

For the upcoming episode (episode 130), we will see Goku from Universe 7 and Jiren from Universe 11 engaging in a final showdown for all the marbles in the Tournament of Power. With all limits exceeded, these fighters will risk their lives in a decisive final match.

Jiren’s true power comes to light and Goku shows that the perfection of his new transformation is a power that surpasses all limits, where all the movements are focused on attacking the enemy, without thinking about the movements themselves.


Goku’s body controls itself, and not only that, Goku has the ability to harm Jiren and hurt him in a lethal way. In this preview, the ending of the Tournament of Power and the ultimate winner could be shown.

After obtaining a winner, the universe that loses will be exterminated, a fate that nobody wants. For creator Akira Toriyama, this is an ending that is worth watching. The anime will show why the Saiyan race is so strong, and for this reason, the series’ writer has a film in mind that will cover this topic -- the Saiyan race. This movie will allegedly premiere in December 2018; it will be the 20th "Dragon Ball" movie and one of the best, no doubt.

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