There are only a couple of episodes left until the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” ends. After Episode 129, the tournament has only a minute and thirty seconds time until it officially finishes and the last man standing will be announced. So far, only two fighters are fighting each other in the arena of the World of the Void, Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray. Vegeta was the last fighter from Universe 7 who was kicked out of the stage after Android 17 sacrificed his life for the Saiyans.


However, fans are still wondering what happened to the supervillain from hell. The speculations about Frieza’s condition are spreading like wildfire on the Internet right now. It is a good thing new official information about the popular villain has been recently leaked.

Where could he be?

Since Episode 128, fans have been wondering about Frieza’s condition in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.” The last time he was seen in action was when attacked Jiren the Gray in Episode 127. After that scene, the supervillain has ceased appearing in the succeeding episodes.

There are many conspiracy theories right now formed by fans about the villain and his evil plan in the Tournament of Power. Interestingly, a new set of details about Frieza’s whereabouts has been uploaded online shedding light on the otherwise vague condition of the villain.

On Twitter, popular anime content creator Yonkou Productions shared the latest cover of Animedia for its April 2018 issue. Herms, another fan-favorite anime content creator, and translator translated some information revealed in the anime news network.


According to Herms, it asks if the supervillain from Hell falls? It also reveals that Frieza is buried in the rubble and is no longer capable of fighting. This new set of information cleared out several theories that fans formulated in the absence of official announcement.


Several days ago, there are many theories and speculations revolving Frieza’s condition. There are several fans who claim that the supervillain is already dead. There are others who believe that he will emerge in the last episode and will do something clever to be the last fighter standing in the arena of the World of the Void.

In addition, some fans believe that he is just trying to conserve his energy so he could execute his dark plan and be the MVP of the Tournament of Power.

Meanwhile, Episode 130 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to air on March 18. It is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown, The Ultimate Survival Battle.”