The fan-favorite anime series “Dragon Ball Super” is going to end on March 25, 2018. Currently, fans are eagerly waiting for the last two episodes of the Universe Survival Arc to officially air until they finally accept the fact that the successful anime is really over. While the series is still cloaked in mystery on how it will end, a new set of details for the upcoming movie was released recently. Aside from the usual date and provisional title, it is confirmed that the movie is in fact, based on the current anime series.

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Latest info

A few months ago, the fandom of “Dragon Ball Super” was shocked when it was announced that the anime series is going to end. At first, many were saddened by the news.

However, this was soon turned into happiness when the team behind the successful anime series officially announced that a “DB” movie will be available before the year ends. Initially, fans were fed with information that the upcoming film will be about the origins of the Saiyans.

On the social networking site Twitter, popular anime content creators are currently sharing the new details about the upcoming movie. Yonkou Productions [VIDEO] uploaded the first-ever visual that shows Son Goku in a rather loose design. As shown in the image below, Son Goku is in his regular form, no special transformation, no different hair and eye color, no power up, just the black haired Saiyan holding the Power Pole. The promotional visual give fans nostalgia as the new design is reminiscent of the hero’s look during the 80’s and the 90’s.

It is a series’ movie

Unlike the other installments, it seems that the latest film is going to be a “Dragon Ball Super” movie. The latest visual has a tagline, "A Super Movie Begins..." which further excited the fandom that thirsts for more from the current series. In the past, fans were accustomed to movies that are entirely different from the anime series. They used to introduce new characters, places, and even a new story. However, it appears that it is no longer the case in the upcoming movie, as it will follow the story of the world created [VIDEO] in the currently airing anime series.

Other details

On the latest interview of the legendary man behind the successful series, Akira Toriyama, gave other details about the movie. Toriyama san said that the movie would shed light on the currently unexplored topics with Lord Frieza and the Saiyans. The movie has a provisional title “Dragon Ball Super Movie.” It will be available in the cinemas of Japan on December 14, while the US and the rest of the world's airing dates will be announced soon.