The Dragon Ball Super” animated television series finally wrapped up when it aired its final episode last Sunday. The last episode of the popular anime series left off with a promise that the franchise would surely be back with new stories. In fact, Episode 131 probably just hinted at four possible story arcs for the next anime installment.

Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama refused to confirm if Dragon Ball Super has really ended, but they did mention that the anime will continue one way or another.


Whether or not the anime series is taking an indefinite hiatus, the studio and the creators of the anime made sure to drop hints in terms of the next possible sagas.

Goku’s quest to reacquire Ultra Instinct

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 131 left off with several surprises, which included Zen-Oh’s true intention had it not been for Android 17’s wish. One of the unexpected outcomes was Son Goku losing Ultra Instinct.

At the end of the series finale, Goku and Vegeta had another one of their bouts, and the former admitted that he doesn’t remember how to unleash or use Ultra Instinct anymore.

Goku explained that he might have just learned Ultra Instinct at the Tournament of Power out of desperation. The battle royale pushed him into a corner, which forced him to unleash a power that even the Gods of Destruction cannot easily attain.

Frieza’s back to wreak havoc

Or is he really? The “Dragon Ball Super” finale saw the resurrection of Frieza after Whis officially brought him back to life with Beerus’ approval.


The anime creators did a great job debunking every fan's predictions and theories about Frieza during the Universe Survival Saga. Contrary to what fans expected, Frieza turned out to be a formidable ally and even helped Goku and Android 17 in finally eliminating Jiren.

However, the final episode of the series also showed that Frieza has gathered his imperial army once again. He's evidently set off to do something, but the anime has yet to reveal his new adventures. It seems like fans definitely haven’t seen the last of Frieza.

Jiren’s reappearance

The finale of “Dragon Ball Super” hinted that the Saiyans of Universe 7 will most likely meet Jiren, and maybe even the rest of the Pride Troopers again.

Before Zen-Oh erased Universe 11 after their loss at the Tournament of Power, Goku confessed that he wanted to meet Jiren again.

Thanks to Android 17, Universe 11 and the rest of the annihilated universes were brought back to life. Jiren was then shown with Toppo, back on their planet. Jiren then also opened up to Toppo that he remembered Goku’s last words to him, and he was actually looking forward to seeing the Saiyan again. With that said, fans will probably see another showdown between Goku and Jiren.

The return of the six universes

Just in case fans forgot, the “Dragon Ball” franchise initially said that there were 18 universes.


Only 12 universes participated in the Tournament of Power during the Universe Survival Saga because Universe 13, Universe 14, Universe 15, Universe 16, Universe 17, and Universe 18 were apparently already erased by the Omni King Zen-Oh.

However, there is a huge indication that Android 17’s wish to revive the erased universes might have included the aforementioned six universes. This is because Android 17 did not specifically wish for the resurrection of the universes that were erased during the Tournament of Power only.

In fact, Android 17 actually wished for the restoration of all of the universes that were erased. If the other six universes were somehow revived (along with the seven recently-erased universes), then fans would be treated to a broader storyline, as there would be several plots that the anime creators could explore.