The last episode ofDragon Ball Super” animated television series is just around the corner, and Toei Animation is trying to get fans of the franchise to reminisce on the good old days. In fact, the animation studio recently started an online contest for the fans through its official Twitter account

On March 22, 2018, Toei Animation asked fans to share their original character ideas and even announced that they will be giving away packs of prizes to the best answers. The animation studio encouraged fans to let out their creativity, asking them what their powers would be if they were original characters who were part of the Tournament of Power.

In case you missed it, the final story arc of the said anime series is the Universe Survival Saga, which pitted eight universes against each other to determine the superior universe through their inhabitants’ strengths.


It’s the most ambitious arc in the latest anime installment, as it introduced several new worlds and characters that fans have quickly grown fond of.

If you’ve been following the Universe Survival Saga arc, you would know that the Tournament of Power is down to the last few major characters, which unsurprisingly includes our main hero, Son Goku. The online contest was received by thousands of fans, and a lot have already shared their ideas and thoughts. Here are a couple of our favorite entries.

Pomegra by zerotwo64

This character is like a fusion of Frieza’s looks and Brianne’s powers, and it’s visually stunning. Dragon Ball Super introduced a new female character named Brianne de Chateau, who happened to be one of the strongest contenders in the Tournament of Power.


In fact, the Kamizake Fireballs leader even went against Vegeta, Android 18, and other strong opponents. Brianne transforms into the powerful Magical Girl Ribirianne and her signature attacks, despite packing quite a punch, always involve love, hearts, and the color pink.

Sorel by TMZibert

Here's another female fighter boasting evident strength and skills of a powerful Saiyan.

The Universe Survival Saga arc opened up new stories of Goku and Vegeta’s race by introducing new Saiyans and they also happened to be women. Kale and Caulifla teamed up with fellow Saiyan Cabba to represent Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power. When Kale and Caulifla merged through Potara fusion, they became Kefla, a powerful fighter who almost had Goku running with his tail between his legs.

You can check out the original tweet below from Toei Animation if you want to see more of the fans' original characters they want to see in the Tournament of Power.


You can also submit your entries by replying to the studio's contest tweet with its official hashtag until March 24, 2018.