"Dragon Ball Super" has given a number of shockers to fans recently. As the show's ending is coming near, it is expected that fans will witness more surprises. The Tournament of Power has a few seconds remaining and it is difficult to say who will win the ultimate prize. Goku is said to be leading the race to win the tournament. Currently, apart from Goku and Jiren [VIDEO], Frieza and Android 17 are still remaining in the tournament.

Goku vs Jiren continues

Recently, episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" was released.

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It was titled as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!" Notably, Android 17 was returned in this Episode, the warrior was supposed to be eliminated earlier but apparently, it did not happen.

Goku finally showed his mastered Ultra Instinct in this part of the show. However, nothing decisive happened in this episode. The two exchanged attacks continuously. Despite almost being defeated twice, Goku stood up and recovered. Goku was almost eliminated by Jiren but Android 17 and Frieza [VIDEO] saved him.

Episode 131

This episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is named as "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!" Reports suggest that another character will return in this episode. Here we are talking about Shenron. According to ComicBook, "Over the years, Shenron has granted all sorts of wishes for the Saiyan, and Dragon Ball will grant another one soon enough."

If spoilers are to be believed, Frieza will get eliminated at the hands of Jiren. However, the warrior is likely to spare his life in the tournament according to spoilers.

Readers are advised that the information is based on unofficial spoilers and it may or may not come out as true.

The preview "shows Goku and Frieza locked into some shared desperate emotion while fighting on the same side! Right now, Universe 7 seems poised to beat Jiren down, once and for all, which would then bring home the win for Goku and Co," reports CB. The preview of this episode is already out. The reel starts out with Jiren jetting down to land a strong attack on Frieza and Android 17. With Goku regaining his stamina off to the side, fans are able to keep up with the Saiyan as he narrates the teaser, and his dialogue has piqued curiosity in a big way.

Okatukart also reported that "We also got a little preview of the Super Dragon Balls [VIDEO] being used. The Zen’ous also stepped in to witness this glorious moment." Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates