"Dragon Ball Super" has given a lot of surprises to the fans in the recently. The show has eliminated the likes of Vegeta and Toppo. However, we are not done yet. The biggest shocker of Universe Survival arc is yet to come. As many fans already know, the anime show is ending on March 25. There are a total of two episodes left this season. Frieza [VIDEO], Goku, and Jiren are the only remaining warriors in the tournament. It is worth mentioning that Vegeta was eliminated in episode 128 ("Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!") by Jiren.

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Now, a report by Okatukart reveals some "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers that include who wins the Tournament of Power.

Episode 130 of 'DBS'

The upcoming episode of the TV series is No.

130. It will release on March 18 and is called "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!." It will feature Goku mastering his Ultra Instinct against Jiren. "Jiren was able to hit Goku with all his might, but instead, Goku retaliated by increasing his Ki even further, and this leads to the awakening of the True Ultra Instinct within Goku," reports Okatukart. One can expect an intense battle between two of the most powerful warriors. The battle between them both is expected to stretch until Episode 131 as per the new spoilers. The preview of the chapter is already out.

It is important to note that in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 129, titled "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] Mastered!!;" Universe 7's warrior was expected to unlock the fully mastered Ultra Instinct but apparently it did not happen.

Goku tries the same trick he used on Kefla by powering up a Kamehameha and firing it at Jiren, but Jiren is able to punch through the blast. Both the warriors have tried to defeat each other but nothing decisive has happened.

The End

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131 has a lot of time left before its release. However, the leaks might have confirmed how the show and the episode will end. The last chapter of the anime is titled "A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku." As the name suggests, it will be a miraculous ending. According to ComicBook, the leaks and the spoilers have already confirmed that Frieza will win the tournament. "By the time Episode 131 comes around, things have taken a turn for Goku. Spoilers reveal the hero gets knocked out of the tournament’s arena by Jiren." The spoilers further say "And then, a Death Beam hits Jiren’s back. A bruised and battered Universe 7 team member is standing there!.” This is indeed a shocking ending. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" spoilers.