A few minutes ago, new details and spoilers regarding the last episode of the famous anime Dragon Ball Super” were revealed!. The possible leaked title for this last episode (131) is “An unexpected miracle. goodbye Goku! Until we meet again!.”

There is a good chance that the concluding episode of the saga will last longer than usual, or even be a double episode. I am still waiting for any official information regarding this issue. Also, it was said that “Dragon Ball Super” [VIDEO] was supposed to have 133 episodes.

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At least this was the information given by Amazon Japan, yet a few months later it was said that the saga will finally last 131 episodes. This could possibly mean that the last episode will last longer than we are used to.

A miraculous conclusion?

This statement may very well mean that the former Emperor of Evil, Frieza, will finally intervene in the battle, and thanks to him, Universe 7 will finally end up winning the Tournament of Power. This is not necessarily a spoiler, but instead the initial intention of the episode. But there are also a lot of other reasons to justify such a title for this final act of the saga. For instance, the miraculous resurrection of all the erased universes or even that Universe 7 is the one saved by Universe 11. What do you guys think about this? So far there is no official information on how the story will end.

Goku’s new technique

In addition to this, a new set of images from the classic video game “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” have been released. We all know the reputation of this game for spoiling the future events of the series.

This time we’ve got images of Goku in his Ultra Instinct stage [VIDEO] and of Jiren unleashing his full power. It was also revealed the name of Goku’s final technique, the one that may finally defeat the strongest warrior Universe 11 is called: Silver Dragon’s Flash.

Who will be in front of the animation of Episode 131?

Recently, the Twitter user Ajay revealed information regarding a staff member that will be leading the technical details of the last episode of the saga. This is very important news for many of the fans since it was confirmed the return of the Yuya Takahashi, the most acclaimed animator of the franchise. He will not be taking part in the details of Episode 130 as it was initially stated, but instead will take charge over the last episode of the saga. Also, the man supervisor of Episode 131 will also be the acclaimed Tadayoshi Yamamuro.