"Dragon Ball Super" has been one exciting show and the show is all set to air its final episode on March 25. Episode 131 will witness the finale of the Tournament of Power. The last Episode will feature Goku from Universe 7 fighting Jiren from Universe 11. With all this, we will also see Goku using his Ultra Instinct power for one last time in the Tournament of Power. In the past, Goku has used his Ultra Instinct Power thrice and his transformation scenes were some of the best scenes in "Dragon Ball Super." The makers have recently drooped a bombshell in Episode 130 of the show, by hinting that Android 17 is still alive and will return to Chapter 131.

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Episode 130 was titled as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!"

The mighty comeback of Android 17

In recent episode of "Dragon Ball Super," it was shown that Android 17 had been eliminated from the tournament, which apparently turned out to be wrong.

He tried to save Vegeta and Goku [VIDEO] in the earlier battle against Jiren as he took the blow of an explosion. According to ComicBook, “It was a gamble whether I’d survive or not,” the fighter explained. “Looks like I lucked out.” The report further says "With the fighter alive, he is now slated to team up with Freeza while Goku regains his energy from far away."

Coming down to Goku, earlier reports and spoilers suggested that Goku will get eliminated by Jiren, which might not be going to happen. The preview of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131 is already out and the voiceover reads " Did I lose," Goku can be heard asking. "No, the fight ain't over yet. We've still got our final ace in the hole. The extraordinary, shocking climax that will decide the fate of all will make everyone tremble," reports CB.

It means Goku is not going to lose at the end of the tournament. Fans can expect Freeza and Android 17 to team up against Jiren in Episode 131. This Episode is named as "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!."

More on 'DBS'

The Tournament of Power might actually have a surprise ending to it and there are high possibilities of the show to end with on an unbelievable note. If we keep the recent leaks in mind then, Goku and Freeza, from Universe 7 [VIDEO] might just win the Tournament of Power. Not only this, but the writer of the show, Akira Toriyama has also announced that this will not be an ending of the show, and a new universal arc story will soon unfold in a different way. Stay tuned for more updates on "Dragon Ball Super"