The "Dragon Ball Super" is getting more intense as the end of the series approached. The Anime Show has been rampant when it comes to surprises. The TV series recently shocked the fans with the elimination of the likes of Vegeta and Toppo. Meanwhile, this is not the end of the story and the show-runners are doing everything to make the ending of the show memorable. The new title of episode 1suggestsest the same.The show will end on March 25 and only two episodes are left to release - 130 and 131.

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There is no confirmation yet regarding just how much time is actually left in the Tournament of Power.

Episode 130 spoilers

The upcoming episode of "Dragon Ball Super" is one of the most anticipated.

It will release on March 18 and is named as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Universe Survival Battle!!." Fans will witness the biggest battle of the tournament between Jiren and Goku as both go all out against each other to win the glory. According to Okatukart, the spoilers of the episode say "The ultimate showdown between the two could’ve gone either way, but Jiren then started to show his true power, which was too much to handle for Goku even in Ultra Instinct [VIDEO]."

Viewers might also see the return of Frieza. The fans will finally get to see Goku achieving mastered Ultra Instinct in this part of the show. The makers have been showing this teaser since last weekend. If you have been a regular follower of the Universe Survival arc, you will know that this latest transformation is nothing but the most excellent level of power for the fighter.

There are chances that the winner might be known in the same episode. There is still a lot to confirm yet.

The biggest surprise

Earlier, the provisissonal title of Episode 131 was "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!." while the new name of the Episode is said to be “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku!” It clearly suggests that the makers have planned something big for the ending of the tournament, which might give fans an ultimate surprise. The teaser of the show will give a huge hint to the fans as what to expect.

This weekend, Episode 130 of the "Dragon Ball Super" released. The chapter was named as "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!." Goku and Jiren both indulged in an intense battle. According to ComicBook, "Goku powered up into this incomplete Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] form, but the state was not strong enough to sway Jiren." Overall, nothing decisive has happened. Stay tuned.