The finale of "Dragon Ball Super" is getting closer and closer and fans are really hyped about the last showdown between Goku, Android 17, and Frieza versus Jiren the Gray.

Episode 130 recap

In episode 130, fans saw Goku's fall just as he was about to deliver the deciding blow to Jiren. The power of Ultra Instinct took a toll on Goku's body and exhausted him. Belmod encouraged Jiren to do the deed and knock Goku out of the bounds even though Jiren hesitated to eliminate Goku when he was on his knees.


Finally, Jiren blasted a Ki attack on the stage and made Goku fall into the void below, but what happened next totally shocked the fans. Goku's longtime rival, Frieza, appeared out of nowhere (He was previously knocked-out by Jiren and was not seen in the previous three episodes) and saved Goku from falling down further in the void.

Android 17, who was presumed dead after his selfless act against Jiren's powerful attack, also emerged from the rubble and was back to his full strength due to his unlimited stamina ability.


Now that Goku is down, it's up to Frieza and Android 17 to keep Jiren occupied until the Tournament of Power's timer runs out (currently at two minutes) or Goku recovers from the rebound of Ultra Instinct.

In the preview of episode 131, Frieza is seen to be going all-out against Jiren in his golden form and giving him a tough time.

New images from episode 131

New images from episode 131 reveal that Goku and Frieza are finally going to be fighting against Jiren side-by-side and both of them are taking on him with a rush attack from opposite sides.

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Dragon Ball

But both of them are not in their powered-up form so it's hard to say if they can counter Jiren, the strongest man in the Tournament of Power. In one of the new still images, Goku is seen to be blocking a Ki blast with his hands and Universe 7 look terrified about it.

Episode 131 synopsis

"A super climax for the Tournament of Power!”

The finale synopsis doesn't reveal much about the next episode, but fans are starting to doubt that Goku is going to be the MVP of the Tournament of Power.

If the MVP is somehow Frieza, then we can think that he going to wish on the Super Dragon Balls as well and it's going to be a ridiculous one as teased in the preview of the next episode.

Episode 131, the final episode of the series before it goes on a long break, is set to air on March 25th and Funimation is going to live stream it on their official YouTube as said in this Tweet.


The new "Dragon Ball Super" movie is set to be released on December 14.

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