"Dragon Ball Super" is getting intense as it inches closer to its ending. The show-runners already announced the ending of the show on March 25. The anime TV series has three chapters remaining; 129, 130 and 131. Talking about the Tournament of Power, it is expected to feature the last battle of the Universe Survival arc in upcoming episodes. It is worth mentioning that Universe 7 and Universe 11 have been battling each other since Episode 122. The show has featured a number of twists and turns recently, but if spoilers are to be believed, the real action is yet to come.

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The upcoming episode of the show

"Dragon Ball Super" will release Episode 129 on March 4. It is titled "Limits Super Surpassed, Ultra-Instinct Mastered.” The preview is already out, which suggests an intense battle between Goku [VIDEO] and Jiren.

The spoilers have confirmed that the Universe 7' warrior will achieve his fully-mastered Ultra Instinct form in the episode. Recently, a one minute clip of the preview of chapter 129 released. It shows Goku hovering in the mid-air as he unleashes a massive energy blast at Jiren. "Jiren sends his own attack that either repels Goku’s blast or knocks it back with one of his own. The counterattack lands solidly on Goku, and the fighter goes flying backward in the air after the traumatic blow, reports ComicBook. One can expect a lot of action in this part of the show.

Jiren's end?

Episode 130 of the show is titled, “An Unprecedented Super Showdown.” It will release on March 18. The spoilers of this part of the show suggest Goku's win. According to Okatukart, Jiren is beaten down by Goku. Even though Goku who defeated Jiren and made Universe 7 win, he lets Vegeta use his wish to bring back U6.

This is because Vegeta promised Cabba that he would bring them back to life. The information was leaked from IMDB site metadata, reports Okatukart. Frieza [VIDEO] is also expected to get eliminated in this chapter

Meanwhile, Episode 131 is titled “Goku, Until The Day We Meet Again.” It will air on March 25 and will be the last chapter of the show. Not much is known regarding this chapter. One can understand a lot regarding the story of episode [VIDEO] 131 by the title itself. It is worth mentioning that the new "Dragon Ball" movie is releasing this December. It will focus on the origins of Saiyans and will be written by Akira Toriyama. The official name and trailer of the film are yet to come. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.