"Dragon Ball Super” is getting more intense with only one episode left. The anime show's last chapter, episode 131, will be aired on March 25. It is called "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku [VIDEO] [VIDEO]! Until We Meet Again!." The preview, already out, suggests that Android 17 will return for the tournament. Evidently, the warrior did not die in his earlier battle against Jiren. According to ComicBook, "Yes, the fighter made a surprise comeback as Android 17 revealed he was alive.

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Fans were led to believe the man had sacrificed his life a few episodes ago as a way to save Goku and Vegeta."

Jiren vs. U7

Meanwhile, in Episode 130 Goku has finally mastered Ultra Instinct.

"Gods of Destruction have recognized that Goku has indeed mastered Ultra Instinct now. Jiren faces this new power by powering up himself, and begins his counterattack." The episode was named as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!." Coming back to Episode 131 as preview suggests, "The clip shows Jiren facing Freeza and Android 17 in an all-out battle of desperation. With his shirt totally ripped, the Pride Trooper is shown dodging blasts by the android while Freeza comes at the Universe 11 fighter from above," reports CB. Meanwhile, the newly surfaced spoilers have confirmed that Android 17 and Freeza will team-up against Jiren in the next episode, which makes Jiren terrified for the first time.

Interview by 'Dragon Ball Super' makers

Recently in an interview on the official Dragon Ball website, Director Ryota Nakamura and Producer Satoru Takami, spoke extensively about the creation of Ultra Instinct.

They spoke about the fact that Akira Toriyama, who recently revealed his plans for New Tournament of Power arc had planned out Ultra Instinct since the beginning.In the interview, director Nakamura and producer Takami also mentioned that Toriyama came up with the concept of Ultra Instinct for Goku when the Tournament of Power had actually begun. He went forward and created the transformation for Goku which was completely fresh and different from Super Saiyan. Not only did Toriyama design and create the transformation, but he was also the one to name it.

The escalation of power had been an issue of Dragon Ball for a long time, but Ultra Instinct creation in the first state in the series was completely different, much-loved and appreciated by the fans. This new concept created by Toriyama proved to be very different in comparison to other power-ups. It stated the massive difference between the Tournament of Power and "Dragon Ball Super" apart from the rest of the Dragon Ball canon.