"Dragon Ball Super" is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to surprises. The anime show had recently given the fans ultimate shockers, including the elimination of Toppo and Vegeta. Currently, the biggest questions for the 'DBS' fans is; who will win the Tournament of Power? There are three warriors still left in the tournament - Goku, Jiren, and Frieza. Recent reports and spoilers have confirmed that Frieza will win the tournament but with a twist. Meanwhile, as most of the fans already know, the anime TV series is ending on March 25 with two episodes left; 130 and 131.

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The upcoming episode of the "Dragon Ball Super" is 130. It will release on March 18 and is titled as, “An Unprecedented Super Showdown! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!” Goku is likely to finally master his Ultra Instinct against Jiren.

It is going to be an intense battle but nothing decisive might happen in this part of the show.

The return of Frieza

Talking about "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131, the chapter is named as, "A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!" The episode is surely the most anticipated one of the series. It will feature the ending of the tournament as well as the show. Recently, Weekly Shonen Jump magazine posted the spoilers of the last episode, which confirmed that Frieza's return is imminent.

The warrior hasn't been shown in the past couple of episodes. The spoiler said, "The battle for the fate of their own universe finally reaches its climax! Fighting against Jiren, famously the strongest man, Goku’s power comes up slightly short and he falls from the stage! The moment it looks as if Universe 11’s victory is assured, the previously unseen Freeza [VIDEO] appears?!"

Frieza's revival

According to ComicBook, the spoilers further says that "Goku will go at Jiren full-force - but it won't be enough.

Jiren's own power-up will result in a massive ki blast that leaves Goku blown out of the ring entirely!." A few other reports and spoilers have confirmed that Frieza will resurrect himself with the Dragon Balls as Universe 7 wins the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. It is worth mentioning that Freeza is not an original member of Universe7, he joined U7 on the request of Goku.

Besides this, the show-runners have confirmed that the "Dragon Ball Super" is ending for the time being only, and not permanently. However, they have not revealed when the show will return again. Stay tuned for more entertainment news and updates.