Jiren is dubbed as the most powerful warrior in the Tournament of Power. The warrior looked undefeatable so far in the Universe Survival arc. Meanwhile, the spoilers have recently revealed the fate of Universe 11's warrior. "Dragon Ball Super" is slowly reaching its end. The anime show will wrap up on March 25 according to its new schedule. The TV series has been running for over two years and it is a huge success. Currently, the Tournament of Power has two minutes left and there are three participating warriors, Frieza, Goku, and Jiren.

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Among them, Goku and Jiren are favorites to win the tournament. The makers have recently hinted how the show will end. The titles of the last two episodes, 129 and 130, were revealed.

Print media publications such as Animedia released the official titles of the upcoming events along with the synopsis' for them.

What to expect from episode 129?

Chapter 129 is scheduled to release this weekend. The title of the episode clearly suggests that Goku will finally master his Ultra Instinct form against Jiren [VIDEO] [VIDEO]. The preview image of the episode shows "Goku’s Gi is torn from the waist up, leaving his blue undershirt exposed," reports ComicBook. The Spoilers indicate that the battle is going to be an intense one. It is worth mentioning that in the earlier battle of the tournament between Jiren and Goku, the Universe 11 warrior has humiliated the U7 fighter.

It is worth mentioning that in Chapter 128 Vegeta got eliminated by Jiren. The Saiyan was upset at being unable to last until the end, so he gave Goku his remaining energy at the last second, before falling out of bounds.

So will Goku be able to take the revenge for his teammate?

The fate

Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown.” It will release on March 18 and fans might get to know the winner of the tournament in the same episode. A lot will be at stake for Universe 7 and Universe 11 in this part of the show. According to Okatukart, the spoilers of the chapter says, Jiren is defeated by Goku and Vegeta's wish finally gets fulfilled as he uses the Super Dragon Balls to bring back U6. Readers are advised the information is based on spoilers and for confirmation we have to wait for the official episode.

Meanwhile, Episode 131 is named “Goodbye, Goku [VIDEO]... Until the Day We Meet Again.” As mentioned earlier, it will be the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super." After the ending of "Universe Survival" arc, the makers are releasing new "Dragon Ball" movie this December.