"Dragon Ball Super" will end on March 25. The last episode of the TV series will be No 131. The show has been running since mid-2015 and features some powerful warriors. Among those, Jiren is dubbed as the most powerful fighter in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. The Universe 11's warrior has been excellent so far in the tournament and has caused severe damages to his opponents including Universe 7. It is worth mentioning that Vegeta was the last eliminated warrior in the tournament, who got defeated by Jiren.

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Meanwhile, as the show is in its final stage, Goku has emerged the biggest threat to Jiren as he recently tried to unlock the fully mastered Ultra Instinct form.

Jiren vs Goku

Before talking about Jiren's new power, let's have a look at Episode 129.

The episode was named, "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!." The chapter has marked the beginning of the final battle of the tournament as Goku hinted that he is pretty close to master the fully-powered Ultra Instinct.

According to ComicBook, "Goku then charges a powerful Kamehameha Wave while Jiren does nothing to block. The Zenos are understandably impressed by this, but Jiren is able to block this as well." The battle was getting intense as both seem to have decided to go all out against each other. There was a Kefla throwback too in this part of the show, "When Goku made his big Ultra Instinct counterattack against Jiren, he hit Jiren with the same shock wave punch that he took down Kefla with," reports CB. Fans still have to wait a bit more to see Goku at his best.

The secret

In the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super," we have seen Jiren struggling a bit against Goku.

It is clear that Jiren is well aware of Goku's power, to tackle this the Pride Trooper is planning something big. According to Okatukart, Episode 130 [VIDEO] spoilers say, "Jiren rugged and angry for the first time. He got dirt and bruises everywhere, which means that he received a lot of beating from Goku. For the first time, Jiren’s perfect Pride Trooper uniform was torn."

It clearly suggests that the Universe 11's warrior might be all set to use his new power. Only the upcoming Episode will let us know, what it will be. The chapter is titled, "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!"

Meanwhile, the Episode 131 of "Dragon Ball Super" is named, "An Unprecedented Super Showdown." The preview of the episode and more information regarding it is yet to come. Stay tuned for more updates.