"Dragon Ball Super" is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to surprises. The show has been full of twists since its beginning. The fans might soon witness another twist in the tale as Goku is dubbed to become a new God Of Destruction. Meanwhile, the anime TV series is getting closer to its end with each passing day. The anime show is ending on March 25 with the episode 131. It is worth mentioning that the show has only three episodes are remaining, 129, 130 and 131.

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The Tournament of Power has only two minutes left as Goku, Jiren and Frieza are gearing up for the one last battle of Universe Survival arc. Universe 7 and Universe 11 have battled each other since Episode 122, which marked the beginning of the final stage of the tournament.

Chapter 129 of DBS

It is one of the most anticipated episodes of recent time. After a gap of one week, the episode will release on 4 March. It is named as "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!." Spoilers and the synopsis of the episode already confirmed that the show will feature Goku in fully-powered Ultra Instinct form against Jiren. It is expected to be an intense battle as Goku will try to take revenge for his earlier defeat in the tournament against Jiren. A number of pictures and clips of Episode 129 already released that shows Goku in his all-new avatar with silver eyes. According to ComicBook, "The hero gained the ability to use Ultra Instinct the first time around after Goku shot a Spirit Bomb [VIDEO]at Jiren which the Pride Trooper pushed back."

The new God of Destruction

Talking about the God of Destruction, fans saw Toppo became the GoD in Episode 125, titled, "With Imposing Presence! God of Destruction Toppo Descends!!." The Universe 11 warrior eliminated Android 17.

So will Goku be a Go? A fan theory says, if Universe 11 wins the tournament, Zeno will give an opportunity to Goku to survive by offering the role of God of Destruction. According to ComicBook, "Goku would never accept the job under any other circumstances; he has turned down godhood before." Meanwhile, this is only a theory but there are chances that it might turn out to be true.

Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown. This part of the show is expected to feature the end the final the battle between Jiren [VIDEO]and Goku. Meanwhile, Episode 131 will be called “Goodbye, Goku... Until the Day We Meet Again.” Stay tuned for more updates on entertainment.