"Dragon Ball Super" is bringing new twists and turns with each passing episode. After the official release of Episode 129, there are only two chapters left, 130 and 131. Meanwhile, the Tournament of Power is currently having three warriors left, Goku [VIDEO], Jiren, and Frieza.

The Universe 7 and Universe 11 are in a fierce battle with each other since Chapter 122. As the anime TV series is nearing its end, many spoilers and synopsis are indicating that Goku will win the tournament, but there might be a twist in it.

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It is worth mentioning that Vegeta was the last warrior, who got eliminated from the tournament.

Episode 129 review

After the gap of one week, Episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" was released recently.

It was titled, “Transcending the Limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!!." As the name of the episode already predicts, Goku has achieved his fully-mastered Ultra Instinct form. The Episode has shown Goku is desperate to eliminate Jiren by using his full power.

According to ComicBook, "The hero entered the form after Jiren prepared to out Goku for good. The Saiyan was able to land a series of devastating punches to the Pride Trooper thanks to his new form, but Goku did not get to use it for long."

Whis has revealed that Goku has completed his full mastery over Ultra Instinct as his hair has turned white. It was an ultimate battle as both Jiren and Goku destroyed the fighting arena. This is the first time Jiren has found someone who can stand in front of him in terms of strength. Overall nothing decisive has happened in this part of the "Dragon Ball Super."

The winner of the tournament

Goku and Jiren are the favorites to win the tournament.

In the past couple of Episodes, there is no sign of Frieza. According to EmptyLightHouse, technically, Frieza has not been eliminated yet even though Jiren and Goku have destroyed a large chunk of the battlefield. Meanwhile, if spoilers are to be believed, Frieza will return in Episode 129 and will assist Goku in his battle against Jiren. This is expected to be a turning point in the tournament and could lead to Universe 7's win. Notably, few reports and spoilers suggest that Frieza [VIDEO]might turn out to be a shocking winner of the tournament at the end of the show.

The Chapter 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown,” whereas Episode 131 is named “Goodbye, Goku... Until the Day We Meet Again.” Stay tuned for more updates on entertainment.