"Dragon Ball Super" is only two episodes away from its ending. The rumors and spoilers regarding the end of the show are hovering around on social media. The anime show is scheduled to end on March 25. Jiren and Goku are the contenders to win the Tournament of Power. Frieza also remains in the tournament and is expected to feature in the upcoming episode. Currently, only one minute is left in the tournament after the release of episode 129. It is worth mentioning that no chapter will release this weekend.

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Meanwhile, the spoilers [VIDEO]of episode 130 are hinting towards Jiren's Secret Power.

As it happened

This weekend Episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" was released after a gap of one week.

The chapter was titled "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!." Goku, for the first time in the tournament, was in his fully-powered Ultra Instinct form against Jiren. According to Emptylighthouse "Goku actually wanted to eliminate Jiren quickly using a full blast Kamehameha wave the same way he eliminated Kefla. However, Jiren is able to block the attack leaving Goku with not a lot of options left." Both the warriors were looking undefeatable as nothing decisive happened. "Jiren tries to attack Goku's new glowing form, but he's easily missing the attacks. The Gods begin to rise in anticipation as Goku unleashes a flurry of punches on Jiren while standing still."

Episode 130 of 'DBS'

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 130 will air on January 18 and titled as, "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!" Judging from the name of the episode, one can easily understand a lot about the story of the upcoming chapter.

"The Greatest Showdown" here is referring to the one last battle between Jiren and Goku a [VIDEO]t their full strength. Goku will battle with a full-powered Jiren using Master Ultra Instinct, as only 60 seconds remain until the Tournament Of Power is over. The spoilers of the episode suggest that "Jiren is struggling to survive as Goku promises to utterly destroy Jiren but is Jiren hiding a deeper power that nobody has seen yet? What is the meaning of Jiren's secret?" So far, it is not known what the name of the Universe 11 warrior's new or secret power is.

Episode 131 is titled “Goodbye, Goku... Until the Day We Meet Again.” Not much is known regarding this episode of the show. Notably, U7 and U11 have been fighting it out since Episode 122 ("For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge to Be The Strongest!!").