After Goku's near demise, Android 17 appeared out of the rubble. You may wonder how this is even possible. After all, Jiren and Goku's fight nearly crushed the whole Tournament of Power stage. The explosion from Android 17 and Jiren's ki blasts was enough to kill a lot of people. Jiren and even the Grand Priest considered him dead on the spot and the Zenos never even bothered to tap the GodPad. Frieza's situation is understandable, he is always there and fans know he is still alive. It is safe to say that Frieza was saved by the plot, not the Kachin-Kachin rubble. Android 17's survival is not that clear, however.


The Android advantage

Android 17 was made by the Red Ribbon scientist Dr. Gero. His sole mission was to kill Goku and avenge the Red Ribbon army. However, he was never the type to follow orders, and he ended up killing his creator instead. If there's something that Dr. Gero needs to be credited for, it would be his invention of a system that provides unlimited stamina. Installing it in Android 17 and Android 18 makes them almost unbeatable. And because of this, the two Androids from Earth use a different kind of energy.

While Frieza survived by suppressing his Ki and hiding under the Kachin-Kachin rubble, Android 17 survived in a different way. All he really needed to do was to hide under a good pile of Kachin-Kachin and rest. Why? Android 17's ki is not detectable using the normal way of sensing ki. He revealed this fact himself while the whole team was fighting Aniraza just before the clash between Universe 7 and Universe 11.

It is possible that even Jiren cannot detect the Android's ki himself. Remember that 17 is the first one to actually destroy a part of Jiren's Pride Trooper uniform from a surprise attack. Because of this advantage, and Goku mastering Ultra Instinct, no one could really spot an Android trying to hide from everyone's gaze.


Is the Grand Priest wrong?

After Android 17's disappearance, the Grand Priest announced that 17's death was considered as self-destruction so Jiren was not disqualified. However, he never made the two Zenos tap their GodPads to remove 17 from the list of remaining warriors. It is possible that the Grand Priest knew from the start that 17 was really alive. However, it is not his responsibility to announce it. When someone is eliminated, the Grand Priest always makes sure that the two Zenos tap the device before continuing the Tournament of Power.

The show never tackled this before, but it was implied.