A few hours ago, some amazing news was revealed which also treats us to a new preview of episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" in which we see the final battle between Jiren, from Universe 11, and Son Goku, from Universe 7. This battle will decide the tournament of power and it will introduce us to the new champion of the tournament. Here we reveal the new synopsis of episode 130.

Preview of episode 130

Goku from Universe 7, who awakened the ultra instinct (Migatte no Gokui) put pressure on Jiren from universe 11.


Nobody knows what’s going to happen, and everyone wonders what the final outcome of this fight will be.

On the other hand, did Jiren awake the Ultra Instinct? In a fight without precedents, Jiren destroys the arena completely. When everything is about to end, the wings of energy emerge from Goku.

As you can see, this new preview is highly revealing since they give us incredible and precise information about the final battle between Jiren and Son Goku. We have two more interesting facts to analyze, these are Jiren's Ultra Instinct and Goku's energy wings.

Migatte no Jiren

In the preview of episode 130, we watched that Jiren’s aura was slightly different from the one we saw during the Tournament of Power, however, nobody ever imagined that this character would be an active user of the Ultra Instinct, which will impress fans when they see him master this form which even the gods can't control.

We don’t know how he was able to master the Ultra Instinct, and we also don’t know if he had outside help from an angel. If he made it alone, we would be witnessing a warrior like no other one with truly incredible qualities.


The wings of the Migatte no Gokui

The second interesting detail that was revealed with this new preview is the wings of the Ultra Instinct. Definitely, a detail that has left us completely shocked since, from a certain point of view, the fans’ theories about the “Ki” of the angels would be true, since the Saiyan from Universe 7 will extend wings of energy just as the angels of contemporary stories have.

There’s no doubt that episode 130 will change the whole perspective of the "Dragon Ball" storyline since Goku will gain unimaginable power, which could mean an ending to the character since after obtaining the power, it would be hard to keep bringing a story to life.

So far this has been the latest news from the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we'll be communicating as soon as possible.