The long-awaited 130th installment of “Dragon Ball Super” this week was perhaps one of the best episodes this anime series has delivered so far. In this episode, we saw Son Goku’s mastered Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] struggling against Jiren’s anger-driven newly awakened power. This also marked the return of Frieza since he was thrown out by Jiren.

Same old drama

No Japanese anime is complete without showing a little flashback in the middle of the fight.

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A small flashback of Goku’s life was seen through Muten Roshi’s sunglasses. The flashback began with kid Goku’s training with Krillin under the Turtle Hermit. His former enemies like Vegeta and Frieza were also shown.

According to Goku’s former master, the Saiyan warrior acknowledges that he won’t be able to reach his current level without his friends and enemies. What’s truly exciting during this part of the show was that while the flashback is going on, Goku and Jiren’s tiny silhouettes were knocking out one another on the lower portion of the screen.

We also haven’t seen Goku being protective of his friends for a long time. This ignited his feelings further and converted it to strength to improve his mastered Ultra Instinct.

Like a piece of trash

Jiren acted like a piece of trash when he was cornered by Goku’s overwhelming Ultra Instinct. This was a complete opposite of the “strength is justice” motto that the Pride Troopers were blabbing about. When he could not deliver any significant damage to his rival, he decided to attack the audiences on the spectators’ seat.

This was when Goku acted out of anger for the first time. The Universe 7 Saiyan warrior gave Jiren several clean kicks and punches in the gut, including a huge uppercut and a massive Kamehameha. Jiren was blasted down on the remaining portion of the battle arena.

What astounded the fans all over the world was how Jiren even thought about killing the fallen warriors, including those of his teammates sent oblivion, just to drive a point to Goku. He of all people knows about the pain of seeing his comrades falling down to a strong enemy, yet he did the same thing in the middle of his greatest fight. Belmod, the Universe 11’s God of Destruction even had the gall to instruct Jiren to knock down Goku when the latter fell due to the side effects of using Ultra Instinct.

The shocking plot twist

While we were all aware that Frieza would come back sometime during Goku and Jiren’s fight, the return of Android 17 comes as a totally shocking plot twist. Son Goku avoided elimination because of Frieza’s timely action. The question now is, can Frieza and Android 17 handle Jiren now that Goku is decommissioned for a moment? The final episode [VIDEO] on March 25 will reveal more details.