The premiere of episode 130 is causing a sensation among fans all over the world. The decisive fight between Goku and Jiren has started, and the warrior from Universe 7 that has mastered the Ultra Instinct, must face the most powerful warrior of the Tournament of Power, Jiren, from Universe 11.

Before you watch the episode, we share some exclusive images so you can enter into the atmosphere of it.

Exclusive images

The first image shows us how Jiren, from Universe 11, expels his great power. Jiren's amount of power is such that even the spectators are affected by the density of the warrior's energy that overcomes the powers of a god of destruction.


In the image itself, we can see how Gohan and Android 18 are greatly affected by this.

The second image we have to offer you is one of Goku with his perfected Ultra Instinct. The animation looks incredible, so we infer that it is the work of animator Yuya Takahashi, who’s one of the best animators of "Dragon Ball Super." It should be noted that the episode will not be 10 percent animated by Takahashi.

The third image is also about Son Goku’s Ultra Instinct. This image doesn’t show anything, in particular, just Goku with his left hand up. He’s possibly stopping Jiren’s attack at the beginning of the fight.

Jiren's Ultra Instinct

The last image is one we’ve seen in the first preview of this episode.


We see Jiren with energy surrounding his body similar to that of the Ultra Instinct (Migatte no Gokui). To this day, it has not been denied that Jiren has mastered the Ultra Instinct. However, several previews would reveal that this energy is not that of the Ultra Instinct, but only the hidden power of the warrior from Universe 11.

Episode 130 will be the last episode of "Dragon Ball Super." The series will end with episode 131 with the Tournament of Power finale. This final will be atypical and those who are not aware of the previews will be surprised because the end of the tournament won’t be what they expect. The winner of the Tournament of Power can make a wish to the Super Dragon Balls, precisely to the Dragon God.


All of this will happen during episode 131, after the decisive fight between Son Goku and Jiren the Gray.

Here I leave you episode 130 so you can enjoy it, with subtitles and in the best quality. If more news about the "Dragon Ball Super" world comes up, we will be communicating it as soon as possible.

Episode 131 will culminate (for now) the story of Goku and his friends. It is believed that the series will continue after the movie that will be released in the month of December. If there is information about it, it will be communicated.