'Dragon Ball Super" has reached its final stage. According to the schedule released by the makers last month, the anime show will end on March 25. The TV series was started in 2015, which was the first "Dragon Ball" television series featuring a new storyline in 18 years. Currently, episode 130 and 131 are left for release, while it is not confirmed how much time is left in the Tournament of Power. It is worth mentioning that universe 11 and Universe 7 have been battling each other since the tournament reached the final stage.

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Toppo, Gohan, Android 17, Dyspo and Vegeta are the warriors, who are already eliminated, whereas Jiren and Goku are still left to win the glory.

'DBS' Episode 129

Recently, Episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" released, it was named as "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!" As the title suggests, it was a Goku centric Episode.

Many fans were expecting that Goku would achieve fully-powered Ultra Instinct but it did not happen so we have to wait a bit more. However, Whis revealed that Goku has completed his ascension: his hair has turned silver, and he now has full mastery over Ultra Instinct. The chapter has featured an intense battle between Jiren and Goku [VIDEO], which might end up being the last one of the tournament. Overall, nothing decisive has happened. According to ComicBook, "Toppo notes that Jiren has watched Goku throughout each of his fights and has memorized his movements. The Grand Priest says Goku's ace was of no effect against Jiren as he's getting "blasted away."

A lot to come

There are two warriors expected to feature in Episode 130 and 131. The upcoming chapter, 130 is titled "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!" It will release on March 18.

If spoilers are to be believed, Frieza will return in this episode and he has not featured in the last few episodes. Another warrior from Universe 6 is also rumored to feature in Episode 130 [VIDEO]or 131.

The spoilers say Goku defeats Jiren in Episode 130 and allows Vegeta to fulfill his promise to Cabba to resurrect Universe 6 by using Dragon Balls. So, Cabba and Frieza are likely to return at the end of the last two episodes of the show. According to Okatukart, "For the first time, Jiren’s perfect Pride Trooper uniform was torn." It means Jiren is all set to unlock a new form of Ultra Instinct against Goku. Episode 131 is titled "Goku, Until the Day We Meet Again." Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.