"Dragon Ball Super" is, unfortunately, coming to an end and fans are really looking forward to watching the finale of the show. After episode 129, fans are even more thrilled to witness the Episode 130 of the show, after its week-long break. Episode 130 will be one of the season finale episodes and will showcase Goku and Jiren's never seen before battle for one last time. With this, we cannot wait for the episode to air.

A few days ago, some climax spoilers were leaked on Social media [VIDEO]and the ending of the show was revealed.

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But now to excite us even further, a new still from the show is out and it portrays Ultra Instinct Goku throwing a punch at Jiren. Sounds exciting right? Well, the still is making us more curious and we can't wait for the episode to air.

As we know, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 130 is titled "An Unprecedented Super Showdown!!" and as the name suggests, it's going to be an ultimate showdown between Goku and Jiren. The leaked reports suggest that Goku won't be able to save the day with his powers since Jiren will be moving one step ahead and will pose a great threat to Goku by releasing major attacks on him.

Meanwhile, famous translator Herms98 has revealed what to expect from Episode 130. Below is the tweet explaining the part of the plot of upcoming chapter of the show.

We will also see Goku falling off the ring after Jiren's powerful attack, but it won't last long since Goku's Ultra Instinct Transformation will help him fight back and get back in the ring.

And then the fight between him and Jiren will commence once again. Even after knowing what's going to happen next fans can't wait to see Goku vs. Jiren for one last time. "Dragon Ball Super" has received various accolades in the past two and half years and the show's end will definitely be a nostalgic moment for all the Goku fans.

Now the fans are sad about the series ending after "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131. Chapter 131 is titled as, “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!.”The Dragon Ball film is all set to release on December 14 and it will concentrate more on the Saiyans, the "Origins of Goku's power," and will also tell the story of the very first Super Saiyan God [VIDEO]. All this sounds really exciting, right? Well, the finale will be aired on March 25. And with such impactful ending, the makers of this anime will surely be back with something more intense and exciting like this show. Stay tuned for more updates.