"Dragon Ball Super" has been entertaining us for the past 2 and a half years now. The show started airing on June 5, 2015, and since then it has managed to enthrall us with some new twists and turns. The show that pictures the adventure of Goku and his friends has now reached to its finale. On March 25, its last episode will be aired which will mark an end to the much-loved series which debuted in 2015.

What to expect

While we await the season finale of the show, the spoilers of the episode are out and we must say it's quite hysterical.

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By now we have established that the battle between Goku and Jiren is going to be crazy but the spoilers add more fuel to the fire by stating that there will be some significant twists and turns in the episode, which of course will not be all good.

For now, we know that the final battle will see Goku and Jiren competing against each other to win the tournament but the spoilers suggest that Goku's power won't be enough to save the day. It further gives us a hint that in Episodes 130 [VIDEO]and 131 Jiren will move one step ahead and will pose a great threat to Goku by releasing some major attacks on him.

Goku vs Jiren

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 130 spoilers say that "Goku’s hair is full-on Silver in this new form, and his shirtless body is clad in a distinctively shimmery Aura, reports" ComicBook. The report further suggests that "The Universe 11 warrior is shown looking rather concentrated as he trades blows with Goku, but his red aura is piquing all sorts of attention."

Are you satisfied yet? If no, then the spoilers have something more for you.

They further suggest that Jiren's powerful attack will throw Goku from the ring. But no, that's now how it's gonna end, In fact, Goku's Ultra Instinct Transformation will help him fight back. And then the fight between him and Jiren will commence again.

But wait, there's something more to it. The spoilers also state that Freeza will be making a comeback to the tournament, now that sound's insane right?

These descriptions clearly state that something major is going to take place in the finale of the show. Episode 130 and 131, which will be the final episodes of the show [VIDEO] will unveil some major developments and twists that will hook us to our seats. "Dragon Ball Super" has received various accolades in the past two and half years and the show's end will definitely be a nostalgic moment for all the Goku lovers. With such a powerful ending, the makers of this anime will surely be back with something as fun and as exciting as this is.