"Dragon Ball Super" episode 130 is just a few days away, but fans cannot contain the excitement for the Jiren and Goku fight. This fight is becoming the fight of the century, and that's because of Goku mastering the Ultra Instinct and Jiren breaking his limit. Even the Grand Priest is now amazed by the development of the two warriors. Is it Universe 7 that will survive? Or will Jiren lead his Universe 11 to survival to get a wish from the Super Dragon Balls? But the most intriguing question right now is...why is Beerus crying in the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super?"

Jiren VS Goku: the final clash

The Tournament of Power is ending, and according to the spoilers, Jiren will be defeating Goku. This is one good reason enough to make God Of Destruction Beerus cry.

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And not only that Jiren will not just defeat the Mastered Ultra Instinct, but he will be eliminating Goku. The hard battle is apparent, and no one will know who will win for the time being.

It is expected that Frieza [VIDEO] will be the last man standing after Goku was eliminated. He will send a death beam to Jiren after he eliminated Goku. Unexpectedly, the survival of the Universe 7 is now down in Frieza's hands.

Though episode 130 is expected to be all about Jiren and Goku's fight, but as per the leaked images, Goten with Android 17's uniform will be having a screen time somewhere in the next episode. It might mean that the episode will show us what's going on on Earth. This can also be interpreted as one part of the ending. Goku and company somehow survived the erasure and came back to Earth. Since Android 17 was dead, Goten and Trunks will be taking care of Android 17's islands for a little bit longer.

It seems like the episode will be wrapping up Goku VS Jiren with the classic beam struggle because they are both seen charging up powerful attacks.

But this scene is likely to appear near the end of the episode, while the winner of the struggle will be shown in the next episode. Of course, we all know who the winner would be.

Anime continuation?

It is kinda hard to see if there is a continuation [VIDEO] of the anime. However, with Goku defeated even at his most powerful form yet, fans will surely want a rematch against Jiren. And also, if other universes are to be revived, this will give more chances for other characters to shine. I personally think that Hit's performance was underrated, given that he was Goku's strongest enemy before the Tournament of Power started.