"Dragon Ball Super" is getting really intense with each passing episode. After too much of drama and entertainment, the series is coming to an end this Month. The show which began in 2015, will telecast its season finale on March 25, 2018. Well, like us, millions out there are curious to know the ending of the series. Are you one of them? Are you waiting to see whether or not Goku will beat Jiren in their tournament? Well, then you don't have to wait for the episode to air since the spoilers [VIDEO]of the finale have already been leaked in Japan.

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These leaks have also suggested the fate of all the remaining warrior in the tournament, Frieza, Goku, and Jiren.

The ending of the show

A set of synopsis leaks from Japan have given out the main crucks of the finale.

The spoilers have spread like wildfire on social media, and in no time the translators translated them into English. The translated synopsis of Episode 131 reads: “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku [VIDEO]! Until the Day We Meet Again!!” The title pretty much explains what one needs to expect from the last chapter of the anime! Translators who have translated the spoilers of this famous anime added that Goku has fallen from the arena and Universe 7 has lost.

Goku initially gives shirtless Jiren a tough competition with his new Ultra Instinct form, but knocks-out after a ranged attack from the Pride Tropper. Devastated already? Well, there's more to it. The sudden twist in the show is when Goku makes a comeback after a Knock-out and fight - rules or no rules- with Jiren. So what next? Taking twits and turns to another level, Freeza will be seen making an impactful entry to the final tournament.

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After all this do you still think that Goku might win the tournament somehow? Well, that won't be the case since spoilers and reports have already hinted that not Jiren or Goku, but it will be Freeza who will win the tournament. Yes, after making a pivotal comeback, Freeza will be seen claiming the tournament. Well, with all the spoilers leaked online it will be quite intriguing to see how the finale unfolds. It is worth mentioning that Episode 130 is titled as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!"

"Dragon Ball Super" has been ruling our hearts for quite a while now and biding it adieu will definitely be a tough task, but the finale is surely going to be a worth watch. Stay tuned for more updates on anime shows.