"Dragon Ball Super" is all set to wrap up soon as it reaches its climax. The anime show has only two episodes left now and will end on March 25 with the Chapter 131. A number of spoilers, rumors, and theories on social media are hovering around regarding how the TV series could end. Meanwhile, a recent report including a screenshot seems to have revealed of how "DBS" could end. It is worth noting that the tournament of Power has sixty seconds left and Goku, Jiren and Frieza are still remaining in it.

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The biggest question the show's fans are facing is: Who will win the tournament?

As it happened

Before talking about the ending of the show, let's look at what happened in Chapter 129.

The Episode was released this weekend and titled as "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!" As the preview and the name of the episode already suggested, Goku tried to achieve the fully-mastered Ultra Instinct in this part of the show against Jiren. According to Emptylighthouse, "Episode 129 focused more on Goku's efforts using the pre-Ultra Instinct form. Goku has not mastered the form yet, and Jiren is still way too tough to beat." So fans have to wait a bit more to witness Goku in his ultimate form. Overall, the battle was intense and nothing decisive happened in this chapter.

The leaks

Coming back to the leaks, according to Otakukart, A screenshot from the IMDB site metadata might have just revealed what will happen in Episode 130. The leak says Jiren is defeated by Goku.

"Goku lets Vegeta use this wish and bring back U6 as Vegeta promised Cabba that he will bring them back to life."

Now Episode 130 will show if it comes out to be true or not. That chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" will release on March 18 and is titled "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!" The preview of the episode is already out.

It is worth mentioning that the showrunners have announced the new "DBS [VIDEO]" movie this December. It will focus on the origins of Saiyan. Akira Toriyama has written the script and worked on the character of the film. The trailer for the movie is expected to come out by mid-2018. Nothing else is known regarding the film yet.

On an end note - a reminder that Vegeta was the last eliminated warrior in the tournament by Jiren in Episode 128, titled, "Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!." Meanwhile, Episode 131 [VIDEO] is named as “Goodbye, ... Until the Day We Meet Again.” Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" updates.