One of the interesting things that the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” has introduced to the fandom is Jiren the Gray. Since the start of the hotly contested tournament, the majority of the fans were intrigued by his character. The team behind the popular anime has made it a point to keep the character so mysterious that his origin was only revealed in the later episodes of the Universe Survival Arc. He is an overpowered fighter that, like Bruce Wayne, vowed to be strong to avenge the death of his family and his community.

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In the upcoming episode, fans are hyped as it was earlier revealed that the strongest Pride Trooper is going to unleash his real power.

New form of true power

In the latest preview released for Episode 130 of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans are teased with an all-new look of Jiren the Gray.

The strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11 is Son Goku’s toughest rival. In fact, in the preview for Episode 129 [VIDEO], the fan-favorite Saiyan acknowledged the fact that Jiren is his strongest opponent pale in comparison to his previous nemeses like Vegeta, Cell, and Majin Buu. In the most recent episode of the fan-favorite anime series, fans witnessed Son Goku surpassing some of the gods of destruction when he unleashed and mastered the Ultra-Instinct form. This unbelievable power shown by Son Goku put a smile on Jiren’s face and made him decide to unleash his true power.

Many fans believed that the ace fighter of Universe 11 would ascend to his higher form. However, this belief might not be possible. A more powerful Jiren will make him extremely overpowered so that even the gods of destruction could not match his power.

It is highly likely that he will reveal his true power and will go all out in the next episode. It is worth noting that the Pride Trooper, in the previous episodes was still trying to suppress his real power believing that no one among the fighters could make him unleash it.

What could be his true power?

Several fans raised the claim that Jiren the Gray could also unleash his Ultra-Instinct form. While it is possible, it is worth noting that this form could also make him irregularly overpowered. He would be unmatched and undefeated. Instead, based on the latest preview, it could be inferred that Jiren the Gray could possess the power of destruction most popularly known as Hakai. This can be seen in the purple-ish Ki [VIDEO] that he used when he hurled an attack at Son Goku. Will Jiren’s real power be enough to defeat Son Goku in his mastered Ultra-Instinct form? Who will be the winner in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super?