"Dragon Ball Super" is wrapping up its Universal Survival Arc with the biggest fight in the multiverse yet. Jiren will have another transformation breaking his limit as he fights against Ultra Instinct Goku. The Universe 7 Saiyan is also on his peak right now, yielding a new-found power that even the Gods of Destruction cannot attain easily. And somewhere in the tournament rubbles, Frieza is still lurking around, and no one knows when he will be coming out. After the end of Tournament of Power, the series will also take an indefinite leave. But don’t worry, it seems like the anime will come back after its break.


Interview with 'Dragon Ball Super' staff

Earlier this week, “Dragon Ball Super” Todd Blakenship translated an interview with DBS series director Ryota Nakamura and producer Satoru Takami. This interview revealed a lot of things about the Universal Survival arc. One of the things revealed is that Kale and Caulifla was never really a part of the main draft until someone from the staff brought up Broly’s character. The staff made a female character based from Broly which turned out to be Kale. In return, Toriyama added Caulifla’s character to make Kale’s character more interesting.

Jiren’s character design is also revealed to be intended for Toppo’s character. The staff originally intended Jiren to be talkative and always talks about justice. Apparently, Toriyama rejected that plan and said: “Jiren is a character who doesn’t speak!” Toppo inherited the anime staff’s perception of Jiren.

Something’s coming up for Dragon Ball Super

Fans aren’t happy with the spoilers right now for the ending of “Dragon Ball Super.” After all that Goku has done, and his mastery of Ultra Instinct, it was proven that Jiren is just a too powerful opponent for him at the moment.


Goku will lose to Jiren, and it seems like the perfect ending for the series.

However, Satoru Takami said in the interview that Akira Toriyama might have put the ending this way because he’s setting up further stories for the anime. The anime is on the road for hiatus to give way for the movie coming up at the end of the year. The ending might not be the sweetest pill to swallow, but it opens up a possibility for future continuation. Imagine Goku mastering up Ultra Instinct even further by training with Whis, Beerus, and Vegeta.

The second rematch against Jiren will be set up by the two Zenos, and this time, Jiren is not the emotionless man as he is right now. That would be a helluva fight.