There are only a couple of episodes left until “Dragon Ball Super” finally wraps up. The Tournament of Power is scheduled to air one of its greatest battles. It will star two most powerful fighters in the multiverse, Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray. While fans are very excited to witness the last two episodes of the popular anime series, it is interesting to know that in the entire run of the Universe Survival Arc, there were various theories and speculations that fans were able to come up with. Here is a rundown of the best theories fans formed regarding the Tournament of Power.

Hit is still in the competition

One of the most interesting characters in the Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” is the Legendary Assassin Hit from Universe 6.


His elimination in the Tournament of Power was a surprise to most fans since the majority would have liked to have seen him stay in the tournament for a longer time. Because of this, the theory arose that Hit was not eliminated and was just hiding in the arena using his Time-Skip. Fans who believed this theory actually pointed out several scenes and instances that could support the claim. However, it turns out that Universe 6 was erased and this theory died alongside the destruction of Champa’s universe.

Vegito in the tournament

Aside from Hit, there are numbers of fans who believed that Vegito would appear in the Tournament of Power. At first, many were skeptical about this theory because of the rules.


However, when Kefla of Universe 6 surfaced, speculations about Vegito’s appearance further went ablaze. Most probably, these fans who claimed Vegito’s appearance would have liked to see the fused character once again that they first saw in the previous arc. Others believed that the character was strong enough to fight the overpowered fighter from Universe 11—Jiren the Gray.

Super Saiyan White Gohan

One of the most disappointing theories that many fans hoped to see was a Super Saiyan White Gohan. Many fans at the start of the tournament were rooting that this time the team behind the popular series would put Gohan back in the main picture just like his role in “Dragon Ball Z.” However, it turns out he was one of those who were eliminated in the hotly contested tournament earlier. In fact, he was kicked out of the competition earlier than Android 17.


Vegeta will win

Many fans would have liked to see Toei Animation make Vegeta the star in the Tournament of Power, so this theory came into being. While he was given a new powerful form and was put in the spotlight several times, his role remained the same. He successfully eliminated Toppo in his God of Destruction mode and was able to fight Jiren the Gray up to his last remaining strength.

Daishinkan is evil

This theory claims that Daishinkan will wage war against the Omni-Kings at the end of the Tournament of Power. There are also other theories that claim that Son Goku and Jiren the Gray will go after the Grand Priest and the Angels of Destruction at the end of the competition.

Dragon Ball Super” has a massive, smart, and unique fandom. Although fans vary in opinions and belief, one thing binds them all together—it’s their favorite anime series.