It seems like Goku has finally mastered his Ultra Instinct form in today's episode "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!" and became unstoppable.

Spoiler alert: If you have not watched Episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super," please continue reading this after you have watched it.

Unfortunately, there are only two episodes left in "Dragon Ball Super" before it ends and I've got to admit that every new episode is intense than the previous one. Episode 129 was one of the best episodes this arc could offer and delivered the most anticipated fight entirely and perfectly.


Today's episode serves as the beginning of the last fight of the Survival arc (unless there is something stored for the fans in the previous few episode aside from Goku versus Jiren).

At this point, it looks like there are only two fighters left in the arena because there was no trace of Frieza in today's episode as well and the whole stage is crumbling to bits. Freiza is not yet eliminated but he's not fighting either, and none of the other characters are paying attention to his location as well.

As smart as he turns out to be, Frieza might have a considerable role in the next episode and who knows, he may even be the winner of the Tournament of Power.

Best moment

The best moment was when Vegeta roasted Belmod. Belmod won't stop talking about how Goku is going to eventually give in to Jiren if he can't change his defensive stance to offensive. He also reveals that Goku hasn't mastered his Ultra Instinct form yet so there's no chance that he can defeat Jiren. "What utter rubbish. Incomplete, you say?," Vegeta replies.


Vegeta tells him that Saiyans have broken their limits again and again in the limited time of Tournament of Power and that deciding an outcome so soon is a hasty thing to do.

In between the battle, Whis explains that Goku keeps breaking his limits but is not able to reach the perfected form because his thoughts are still blocking his attacks from doing direct damage to Jiren. In the last moments of the episode, when Goku masters Ultra Instinct, "I guess I must respond," says Jiren before unleashing his powerful Ki attack.

Goku literally catches his final attack, appears behind Jiren, and flicks the ball of energy. I'm sure all the fans could feel their heart pumping and had goosebumps when the "Clash of Gods" soundtrack began (For those interested in "Dragon Ball Super's" original soundtracks, check out 暁バイブAkatsukiVibe on YouTube, trust me you won't regret it).

Episode 130 preview

Episode 130 titled 'An Unprecedented Super Showdown!!', of "Dragon Ball Super" shows the last moments of the fight between Goku and Jiren.


Goku is at the peak of his power level, and it seems like Jiren is too. But Goku is still powerful than Jiren because his punch did direct damage to Jiren.

Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" will air on March 18 due to Nagoya Women's Marathon on March 11.