"Dragon Ball Super" fans have a number of good news. After the confirmation that "DBS" is not ending permanently few more reports confirmed that the new "Dragon Ball' movie's Release Date is confirmed by the makers, while the poster of the film is also released. On March 12 "Earlier today, a key visual for the 20th "Dragon Ball" film dropped online ahead of its official debut. Toei followed up the leak [VIDEO] with its official release, and the high-quality poster revealed its release." It will be a 20th film of the franchise.

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It is worth mentioning that earlier in our report, we have confirmed that the poster might release in March. TOEI has confirmed the movie in December last year during at Jump Festa in Japan.

However, the makers haven't confirmed that when they will release the film. Notably, It is already confirmed that "DBS" will end on March 25.

Saiyan history

The movie is rumored to be based on the history of Saiyans and feature Yamoshi, the original Super Saiyan God, and Planet Sadala. It is also possible that fans will see Vegeta in the film also. The upcoming film is written by Akira Toriyama and he has also worked on the characters of the film. Fans can expect to witness a number of new characters as the film will focus on the origins of Saiyans. Here is the official poster for the film featuring Goku.

According to ComicBook, "Fans are already speculating whether the hero may be used to tell the full history of the Saiyans, and Goku could even help introduce the first Super Saiyan God to fans." As the poster suggests "Dragon Ball's" 20th movie will go live in Japan on Friday, December 14."

What's happening on 'Dragon Ball Super'

The anime show will return with Episode 130 this week.

It is named as "The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!!." Fans will finally witness Goku's mastered Ultra Instinct form. "Episode 130 [VIDEO] is slated to delve deep into Goku and Jiren’s big showdown. The Saiyan will use his mastered Ultra Instinct form against the Pride Trooper, but Jiren will not go down easily," reports ComicBook. It is surely going to be an intense battle between Universe 11 and Universe 7's warriors. It will air on March 18.

Talking about "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 131, it is titled as “A Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell Goku! Until the Day We Meet Again!!” Frieza is rumored to feature in this part of the show according to spoilers. He is also speculated to defeat Jiren and winning the Tournament of Power, stay tuned for more.