"Counting On" critics have long branded Derick Dillard a mooch. Jill Duggar's husband's latest rant isn't helping either. Now that he's no longer on the TLC hit, Derick took aim directly at the network that helped make him famous. Instead of singing their praises, the disgraceful reality star decided to blast them.

Baby Samuel's medical bills

After Jill Duggar gave birth to baby Samuel, fans and critics of the show thought it was odd that she didn't share pictures right away. It's a Duggar daughter tradition after all. The famous family never came out and gave details of what went down when Samuel was born, fans were simply just left in the dark.

Now, Derick Dillard is clearing up questions about Samuel's secretive birth. It turns out he was in the NICU after Jill gave birth but fans aren't clear on why. Derick didn't go into the details of his son's condition. He was more concerned with blasting TLC because they refused to pay for it.

Derick got pretty defensive recently on Twitter over a post made by the Inqusiitr Showbiz account. So upset that he couldn't help but defend himself. After being blasted about how he should be protecting his children rather than using them as "meal tickets," Derick went off.

"Does that mean I shouldn't have gotten the hospital lunch while my son was in the NICU for two weeks?" Derick tweeted. Then he decided to use this as another opportunity to go after TLC after confirming that Samuel had some birthtime difficulties.

"We even requested that they help with some of the medical expenses from the birth that they made a pretty penny on, but they refused to help cover any of those costs," Derick said about the network.

TLC fans aren't having it

While some of Derick Dillard's supporters did show up to comfort and agree with him, many of the responses took aim at the former "Counting On" husband, calling him out for even asking TLC for such a thing.

Derick was admonished for growing his family without the means to support them or take care of their medical bills. Others claimed that Jim Bob and Michelle must have been taking advantage of their family and even suggested that Derick and Jill should sue them.

And then there were those who explained to Derick Dillard that he should use his experience with TLC as a life lesson.

After all, there were certainly contracts signed with all the adults involved. The cable network isn't new to the reality TV game and surely, they paid the Duggar family everything that they agreed to pay them in that contract.

Even though the reactions to Derick Dillard's Twitter outbursts rarely go in his favor, the former "Counting On" star still can't seem to help himself. We definitely haven't seen the last of Jill Duggar's controversial husband.