"Dragon Ball Super" was ended this weekend. The anime TV series [VIDEO]aired the last episode, 131, of the Universe Survival arc. Chapter 131 was named as, "The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!." The Tournament of Power was won by Android 17 and Universe 7. Jiren faced Goku, Frieza, and 17 in the final battle. Jiren struggled a lot with the Universe 7' trio. Android 17's win led to the resurrection of the defeated universes of the tournament.

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No. 17 was given the Super Dragon Balls. After some consideration, No. 17 wished to restore all of the universes. Overall, it was a memorable ending to the show.

End of the 'Dragon Ball Super'

"Dragon Ball Super" has run for two years, and it was started in mid-2015.

The ending has caused sadness among the fans. Many have urged the show-runners to bring a new installment of the series as soon as possible. Overall, the show has been a great hit for the makers and gained a lot of praise from critics for the animation and the story.

Meanwhile, the show-runners have hinted that there are possibilities that the next season of the Tournament of Power might return. However, the time of the release is not known yet. Fans understand that if the series returns in future, it might take at least two years before it happens. Akira Toriyama, the writer of "DBS" also said that the show is ending for the time being and not permanently, according to ComicBook. By looking at the success and comments of the makers, we can say that sooner or later, anime will return.

The new series

On the other hand, there are rumors about a new "Dragon Ball Series" (Excluding Universe Survival arc).

Recently, on Twitter, a fan asked "DBS" animation's Naotoshi Shida about his views on new "DBS" movie trailer, According to ComicBook, "Shida responded "Wonderful! This is the one and only chance to return to square one and create a new Dragon Ball! I hope everyone supports it and looks forward to it!!."

It is worth mentioning that the new "DB" movie promotion has already started. The film [VIDEO] is releasing on December 14. It will focus on the history of the Saiyans. The trailer and the poster was already released. Notably, the poster features Goku. Fans can expect a number of new characters as the film will dig down into the origins of the Saiyans. Akira Toriyama has reportedly worked on the script and the characters of the upcoming movie. Also, a mysterious villain is said to feature in it. Stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" news and updates.