"Dragon Ball Super" and the tournament of Power are about to come to an end, so there are only two more episodes left to watch to see how it's all going to turn out. But what do you think could happen in episodes 130 and 131? Will Goku be able to defeat the powerful Jiren once and for all? That’s something I'm going to talk about a little bit this time and maybe you may feel the same way I do. A report by Otakukart provided most of the information I use in this article.

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Jiren Ultra Instinct, Goku says goodbye and the return of Frieza

You may have been as shocked as I was with the preview of Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super." Where we could see what appears to be a Jiren at his fullest power [VIDEO], which, as we can see, seems to be the Ultra Instinct but unleashed by this powerful alien.

It’s something that may be entirely possible due to the great strength of the great Jiren. But, if that’s the case, maybe it’s something more complicated than what it seems for our great Goku from Universe 7.

In the previous episode, we could see how Goku was gradually perfecting the shape of the Ultra Instinct. Letting himself be carried away by his inner peace, so his body could automatically determine Jiren’s attacks. So much so that once again he managed to reach the limit, which allowed him to achieve the perfection of the famous Selfish Doctrine. A level of power and battle that not even Beerus, the God of Destruction, has managed to achieve, despite being a deity. This is why that every time the Saiyan warrior achieves this form, each one of the Gods is afraid of what might happen since none of them have that level.

Goku’s goodbye

Another thing I've already heard about is that Episode 131 is about what looks like a goodbye [VIDEO]from Kakaroto-san. This has left all of us intrigued about whether it's his victory or his defeat. Part of the phrase that represents the title of that final episode is: “Until the day we meet again.” Starting with Goku’s name, this could be something his rival or he says.

To know the meaning well, we’ll have to wait until the final episode to know the answer. On the other hand, it is expected that the warrior Frieza will show up once again during the airing of these last two episodes of this great saga. This means that he’s been hiding just so he can regain his strength and continue with his plans.

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